Scott A. Tait

Sex: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: October 16
Job: Unemployed College Student
Likes: Movies, Fantasy stories, and Table Top RPG's.

Scott is an analytic geek who wants to explore different outlets in life. An energetic and caring young man, who wants to be helpful to anyone who may need help. Scott has been taken advantage of many times throughout his high school and college years due to his helpful nature, but he still moves on to find people to help and become something more to someone. Due to his helpful nature he gets stuck into other people.s business, which gets Scott into a lot of trouble.

Thanks to Chitara, Scott is sent to the floating Continent Atlantis up in the atmosphere due to a Mystical flower, which grows every century on Atlantis. Upon arrival he is shortly found and forcibly transformed into a blue haired maiden. Later on Scott goes by another name created for new form, Fate.

Fate A. Tait

( Transformed from Scott A. Tait )

Sex: FemaleAge: 20
Birthday: October 16
Likes: Adventure,???

Fate is really Scott with all her memories and life as a male still in tact. Thanks to Chitara, Scott was transformed into Fate thanks to the Moirai.s hidden piece of ribbon; containing magical properties of unknown origin, which Chitara stole from earlier. Fate seems to be unaware of her new potential, which resides inside of her.

In a new body and new world, Fate is excited about the thought of adventure. However, she feels a bit like a fish out of water and unsure if she will be her same self when she was a male not to long ago.

Fate emits a happy go lucky non-threatening demeanor, however she is now cautious wherever she goes thanks to Chitara.s involvement in her life.

Icarus Airheart

Age: 18
Birthday: August 14
Job: Sky Pilot, Mechanic
Interests: Machines, Planes, Tea, and Marksmanship.

Icarus is the have a plan and go to it person. A serious but caring young man, and sort of gets into more trouble then he deserves. Following his head and heart, he is looking for his missing mother and helping those who need help along the way. He is also the son of the famous missing female pilot Amelia Airheart. Learning different skills from his mother, Icarus can fly a plane and shoot a pistol. His mom disappeared at the age of eight. Icarus was soon found and adopted by Clotho, who encouraged him to find his mother. Since then Icarus has been searching for close to a decade to find his mom.

Icarus ran into trouble close to three years ago when he was fifteen. Sleeping alone in the forest not far away from Clotho.s house, he is captured and taken prisoner by the Amazons of the forest. Finding a way to escape from his captors, he ended up taking the wrong direction and ran into the Queen of the Amazons. The Queen gave the option for Icarus to avoid becoming their prisoner by letting him marry her daughter next in line to the throne. Icarus immediately rejected her offer saying, .Never in my male life!. This elated the Queen of the Amazons by wanting Icarus even more to become a part of her family. She took and crushed his male essence in front of his eyes, and replaced it with a part of her own essence in his body, which fully transformed Icarus into becoming her daughter Amelia.

The only way Icarus can become appear as Icarus again is if his mother.s scarf is around his neck. If the scarf is removed Icarus will revert back to Amelia. If his mother.s scarf is ever destroyed, so will Icarus.s form be destroyed as well. Rendering Icarus to be Amelia forever.

Amelia Airheart

( Transformed from Icarus Airheart )

Age: 18
Birthday: August 14
Job: Sky Pilot, Amazon Princess
Interests: Planes, Tea, Archery, Hunting, and Gardening.

A perky, happy, and loyal girl who follows her heart as well as her brain to get herself where she needs to go. She also shows more of chirpy attitude when she is Amelia then her other form as Icarus. Her name Amelia is something she chose to remember her former mother by instead of having her new mother the Amazon Queen choose a name for her. Amelia is Icarus.s permanent form with having her male essence forcibly replaced, and destroyed in front of her by her adoptive and now genetic mother, the Queen of the amazons.

Amelia is a princess of the Amazons, and is second in line to the Amazonian throne behind her sister Anaea, whom Anaea considers her new sister Amelia .A gift through Artemis.. Amelia is also known to be on the Amazon Queens mind at all times, and always calls her by her pet names like that of .Baby Daughter., or .Beautiful Daughter. which seems to embarrass Amelia to no end.

Amelia can turn back into her male side Icarus with the help of her former mothers scarf, which contains a tiny bit of her male essence. She took off her mothers scarf during the final changes that made her Amelia before her male essence was destroyed, giving a little bit of her male essence residing in her scarf. However, if her scarf is ever destroyed, then her male side as Icarus is also destroyed.


Kevin Aardvark

( A.K.A. Kev )

Age: 21
Birthday: June 10
Job: Unemployed College Student
Interests: Movies, Table Top RPG.s, Dungeon Master, His snake Squeezer.

Kev is Scott.s long time best friend. Kev is arrogant, brash, and somewhat of a lone wolf. Hangs around with Scott due to Scott’s listening capabilities and his support.

Kevin was actually supposed to be the chosen one to be sent to Atlantis, but ended up being left on the sidelines by Chitara. Chitara found Kevin to be boring and not as fun as his friend Scott who spouted more interesting ideas about his situation then Kevin complaining about his it.

Clotho (Nona) Himera

Age: ???
Birthday: February 9
Job: Fate of life
Interests: People, Baths, Cooking, Reading, and Fencing

Clotho or also called Nona is the youngest of the three Fates. of life. She is part of the three legendary Fates known in both Greek and Norse Mythology. Rumored to spin the thread of life is only half correct of what her job entails. She has claimed the other half of her job to be a scavenger for those who have God like powers that she had a hand in creating.

Clotho is also the caretaker of Icarus since when he was very young. Promising to help Icarus out in his quest to find his original other, but until that time she would help take care of him. Since that time it seems she has acted more of a sister to Icarus then that of a motherly figure.

Clotho seems to act like that of a mother to fate, telling her in her time of trouble and accepting her circumstances of becoming a girl only normal. Fate seems to have received a very unique item like that of a small sword on a silver necklace. Telling Fate that it was now hers to use in case of any emergencies that she may need it.

Princess Anaea

Age: 19
Birthday: May 12
Job: Amazon Princess
Interests: Care giving, people, Baths, and Men

Anaea is the first head first-born daughter and princess to Queen Artemis, and older sister to Princess Amelia. Anaea is a kind and loving person to everyone in the Amazon forest, including those who are ever captured by the Amazons trespassing their territory.

Anaea seems to be more of a servant to her people then her servants are to her, and they treat her with high respect and love in return. Anaea.s mother is very concerned about Anaea.s and always wants the best for her and her other daughter Amelia.

When Icarus was first captured, Anaea fell in love with him, and considered him hers by latching onto his leg when Icarus confronted the queen. When Icarus declined the offer to become her husband, she was devastated. for a few minutes. She was jumping for joy when the Queen transformed Icarus to become her new daughter, making Anaea an older sister in the family. Since then she considers Amelia, .A gift through Artemis. and continues to do so.

Queen of the Amazons

Age: ???
Birthday: August 23
Job: Queen of the Amazons
Interests: Her daughters Amelia and Anaea, Tea, Archery, Hunting, and Gardening

The Queen Is called the mother of Artemis by her subjects of the Amazon tribes. The Queen of the Amazons is a Cutthroat, sadistic, and a stern leader. She rules her Queendom with a firm and tight grasp within the forest. She is one woman, for many outsiders of the Amazon forest would be wise to avoid at any cost.

Rumored to hold amazing, but dangerous magical abilities as witnessed by Icarus, who she used these magical abilities on, to be changed into her daughter Amelia, she even went as far as crushing his male essence in the process. It is rumored that she could do much more then change ones gender with her abilities.


Age: Over 2000
Birthday: ???
Job: Grand Witch, rumored to be a Goddess by her standards
Interests: Teasing, Meddling, Hot drinks, Illusions

The embodiment of sadists, Chitara is that in a nutshell. Never thinking of anyone but her own self, Chitara seeks to change people to what she wants them to be. She doesn.t believe in killing people thinking that a dead body serves no purpose, but instead she prefers to kill the mind and restructure it piece by piece.

Chitara is responsible for Scott.s problem becoming a girl and his presence on Atlantis, and she just wants what seems like a good show while trying to provide the right tools to help Scott.s ideas come to fruition. She is also hunted down by Icarus, who claims she has made his life a living hell when he first met her.

Chitara seems to get a thrill out of getting negative responses from people. Proving that she is in control of those who think that they have control when she eventually pulls the rug from underneath them. The only person she cannot get a response out of is Vonbastion, who proves to be a challenge to her.

Vieldman Von Baxter

Age: 131
Birthday: November 4
Job: Grand Advisor
Interests: Tactician, magic, and sculpting

Vieldman is a senile, overbearing, and crooked old man. Seeking only to please his master, and getting respect from his followers. Vieldman will get everything and anything done including sacrificing his wife and child to his master.s cause as well. Vieldman can care less to what happens to anyone, and has spent the last century pleasing and giving his master his eternal service. Vieldman is now currently out looking for the Blue haired maiden who contains the key to their ultimate plan for the future of Atlantis.


Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Job: Grand Overseer and Lord of the Brotherhood of Fegarri
Interests: Being in control, chocolate

Always in control and continues to stay in control, Vonbastion is not someone to be trifled with. No emotion or face is shown on Vonbastion, the face is hidden from everyone. No one knows the true face of this mysterious figure, but that of Vieldman his right hand man. The true nature of Vonbastion is unknown, but his plan is to make sure that the future of Atlantis is in his control, and the fate of the worlds future be placed in his hands as well.